Interesting Historical Anecdotes

The ancient Egyptians were early practitioners of aromatherapy and used essential oils in incense, in the embalming process and to purify and cleanse the body and mind. A variety of beautiful blends were created for perfumes and cosmetics and it is said that Cleopatra used her own unique combination of aromas as a love potion to win the heart of Mark Antony. She particularly loved the scent of roses, and had the sails of her ship soaked in rosewater to herald her arrival.

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Aromatherapy combines the use of essential aromatic oils with the healing effects of massage. Essential oils that have been extracted from herbs and plants are absorbed by the skin and their odour inhaled during treatment. The specific effects of the oils and the deep relaxation aimed for during the treatment encourage the body’s natural healing process. Human beings are very responsive to touch and to smell and both senses connect to and influence the limbic system in the brain which affects emotion and our response to stress.

First Appointment

Aromatherapy appointments are with our Clinical Soft Tissue Therapist, Libby Hancocks who is also a qualified Aromatherapist. Your first appointment will take an hour and a medical history and details of any current problems will be discussed. Treatment will be discussed and provided you and Libby are both happy, will take place at your first visit. If Libby thinks that you need another form of treatment as well as or alongside your aromatherapy she will refer you to another therapist or your GP. You will need to undress to your underwear and towels and a gown is available if required.


The oils are applied directly to your skin as part of a gentle massage. Most people find this pleasant and relaxing and the strength and range of the massage is adapted to you as an individual. Massage is about relaxation and prevention of injury as well as treatment and the nurturing pleasurable aspects of the sessions may be important. You do not need to have pain or a problem before making an appointment.

Safety and Consent

Aromatherapy is very safe. Please tell Libby about any physical injuries, medical conditions, skin problems or allergies. It is rare but if you have skin sensitivity you may react to an oil. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask Libby. Good communication, trust and confidentiality are at the heart of a positive therapeutic relationship.

Post treatment

It is normal to feel relaxed and sometimes a little drowsy after treatment and it is best if you can take your time to get back to normal speed after a session. You may feel a little sore or stiff for a day or two after a full massage. A good diet, reasonable amounts of water and gentle walking in the fresh air will all complement the effects of your treatment.