Deep Memory Process Therapy

Interesting Historical Anecdotes

Writing in the 2nd Century BC the Hindu Scholar Pantanjali discussed past life regression (prati-prasav literally: reverse birthing) in his Yoga Sutras as a means of addressing current problems through memories of past lives.

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Ann Merivale’s clinics at Ripon Natural Health Centre are approximately every 2 months on Thursdays. Please contact us for availability and for further information on 01765 601 447, or fill in your details in our contact form and we will get in touch with you.
Formerly known as Regression Therapy and developed by Jungian psychotherapist Dr Roger Woolger, author of ‘Other Lives, Other Selves’, the aim of this therapy is to provide insight into your habitual life patterns and symptoms and to open you to your own capacity for creativity and self healing. Careful discussion of your symptoms and life situation combined with techniques which encourage relaxation and light trance are features of this therapy. Telling your story and describing your symptoms can in itself be therapeutic and Ann’s ability to listen and ask relevant questions will often produce helpful insights. Physical relaxation and light trance help access the subconscious wisdom and knowledge that may provide unexpected answers and a way forward. Inherent in this therapy is the idea that we are all endowed with a capacity for self healing. As with the other therapies practised at Ripon Natural Health Centre, we place great emphasis on the relationship between therapist and patient. Good communication, trust and confidentiality are at the heart of that relationship.

First Appointment

This will last about two hours. Ann will ask you about your symptoms and a history will be taken. She will want to know about your life situation and the background to your problem. It is important to tell her what you hope for from the appointment and do not hesitate to ask any questions. After the history and a discussion, if both you and Ann are happy and in agreement, you will have your regression.


You will not need to undress for the regression but it is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing. You would normally lie down and be encouraged to relax and this will often produce a light trance. Ann will use her voice and occasionally light touch to help induce relaxation and open you to the possibility of light trance or an altered state which enables unusual insight to come up. The exact way in which this is done depends on you as an individual. Physical sensations, feelings, memories or mental pictures may come into your awareness. Ann will ask about these and guide you through the experience. People who are in light trance remain aware of where they are and what is happening. Your normal awareness continues to operate at the same time as your regression experience. Ann will help you come to an understanding of what you experience. Some people believe strongly in reincarnation and in a spiritual world, others believe in this physical world as the only reality. You will have your own beliefs and interpretation and Ann will help you use the insight and experience from the regression to move forward. Although many people come to regression because of illness or symptoms, you may also wish to gain insight into relationships, career, family or general life situations. You may find that one session is sufficient for your needs or you may take on a series of regressions and you can discuss this with Ann at your first visit.

Safety and Consent

There is very little research on regression in general and Deep Memory Process, in its present form, is a young therapy. It is safe, gentle and supportive but may deal with painful memories or experiences and it is important to tell your practitioner if you have any history of major physical or mental illness.

Post treatment

You may feel nicely relaxed or tired and drowsy after a session so it is helpful to allow time to rest and collect yourself before launching into other activity. It is normal to have questions, feeling and thoughts after a regression and it may take time for these to work through. Do not hesitate to contact Ann Merivale vis the clinic if you have any questions or would like to discuss whether an appointment may be helpful. Further information may be obtained from Dr Woolger’s and Ann’s books.